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Tom and crew in the shop

Paying attention to details. Taking pride in ones work. Doing a job right. These are values that were instilled in Tom Moore by his father Ed,

"Compromise was not a word my dad used," says Tom, whose first job as a 10th grader was building houses with Ed. "He was meticulous, and if he felt you didn't do something right....well, he'd make you take it apart and do it again to his standard." Tom took over his father's business and owns and operates Tom Moore Builder, Inc. from his home office in rural Vermont - literally in the shadow of Mt. Mansfield. Tom's approach to building is quintessential Vermont.

Tom Moore in the News

  • It's Beautiful Being GreenThe moment came to him in a moment of inspiration, an epiphany, two years ago. Today, it is reality. - Vermont B/A
  • Insulating with Closed Cell Spray FoamClosed-cell foam acts as air-sealing, insulation, and secondary drainage plane in this unique home - Journal of Light Construction
  • A Renovation Well Worth the WaitNot only was the home updated with beautiful finishes throughout, the space now functions more efficiently and comfortably for this family's busy life. - HomeStyle Magazine
  • Senior Renovations Often Make SenseTom Moore - Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist. - Champlain Business Journal
  • Small WondersTom Moore uses every design trick in the book to eke all the available space out of little, detailed rooms. - Remodeling Magazine
  • When Less Is MooreBuilder Tom Moore takes efficiency to the next level. - Efficiency Vermont Builder News
  • Modern ConveniencesThe details make the kitchen. - HomeStyle Magazine
  • The Secret's in the DetailsBeauty and efficiency are the bywords for this builder and woodworker. - Business People Magazine