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Sustainable Building at Coyote Ridge

Certified Green homes with 45 acres of common land.

Photo of Green Building house

"At Efficiency Vermont we are always pleased to work with Tom Moore Builder Inc. because Tom always tries to make each new project more energy efficient and sustainable than his last project. Over the many years we have worked with him in Vermont ENERGY STARĀ® Homes, this approach has resulted in his progression from being a quality home builder and remodeler to being among a small group of builder leaders pushing the industry for sustainable building practices, referred to as 'Green Building'. We look forward to assisting with the Locust Knoll development and have full confidence that this project will eclipse yet again Tom Moore Builders previous accomplishments."~ Jeffrey GephartVt. ENERGY STAR Homes

Tom Moore's new residence at 122 Stevensville Road was awarded LEED Silver certification by the US Green Building Council for achievement in green homebuilding and design. LEED for Homes is a green home certification program that rewards homes that are built to be energy and resource efficient and more healthy and durable for the occupants. LEED certified homes complete a technically rigorous process that often includes a home energy (HERS) rating and onsite inspections to verify that the home is built to be energy and water efficient, environmentally sound, and a healthier place to live. This house received a HERS rating of 4, making it the second highest rating to date in Vermont.

This house also received the "Most Innovative Design/Build" award and the "Energy Efficiency" award from the Vermont Home Builders and Remodelers Association.

Built by Tom Moore Builder, Inc. the small super efficient home incorporates "Universal Design" for accessibility and highlights locally harvested and reclaimed materials. The house is a model of energy efficient systems as well as a showcase of the company's building and custom cabinetry.

The house has a 7k solar electric roof mounted array and 2 solar hot water panels. The innovative spray foamed shell construction provides the highest performance with R-17 basement slab, R-35 foundation walls, R-50 first and second floor walls, and R-100 ceiling. Triple pane windows with U values of .25, perfect solar orientation and passive solar design all add to the performance.

The house was built using the trees that were harvested and milled from the land. The lumber was processed locally (kiln dried and milled), not more than 50 miles from the site. This wood has been used for the entire garage, all exterior trim and siding, the porches and decks, the interior floors, stairs, wood ceilings and wall paneling, and some cabinetry.

Tom Moore offers custom green home designs with a wealth of options. These extremely efficient green home designs feature renewable energy and high performance options such as solar electric and hot water, geothermal or biomass heating, and innovative products in windows, doors, flooring, siding and roofing.

Tom Moore is a leader in Sustainable Building and has recently been designated a Certified Green Professional by the National Association of Homebuilders. Collaborating with innovative architects and designers, he has the knowledge and experience to transform your home with energy efficient upgrades or create your new high performance dream home.

We currently have six lots available now at Coyote Ridge, a green community in Westford, Vermont. The guiding mission of Coyote Ridge is to preserve the rural character of the land, assure the houses will blend visually with the countryside, and to provide quality energy efficient housing which is beautiful, durable, comfortable and healthy. This community will be a model of environmental stewardship.